Some iformation.
UN POCO is Pol Sans, a highly creative and skilled graphic and web designer. I have almost 20 years experience in Barcelona, London and Mexico City.
I started as a graphic designer but as soon as internet became a reality I embraced web design (before the first animated GIFs appeared) and other new media as Flash, some 3D modeling and some video editing.
My background includes working for small agencies, as in-house designer for multinational companies but mostly working as a freelance (as Un Poco de DiseƱo).
I can get excited dealing with corporate design and even more creative for smaller projects. I like learning new skills to solve new challenges.
I offer an ability to conduct creative analysis and design the best solutions for any campaign including graphic and web design, interactive media and digital photo manipulation.

Design crafted to the millimeter / pixel_
Passion for technology_
One, two, three times and possibly more to get the best result_

Size matters: bigger doesn't mean better_
Less is still more_

Over the years as a photographer and with the magic power of editing software I am more and more convinced photography is hardly a representation of reality but a distorted subjective interpretation of it.

Pol Sans, Barcelona.
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